Charlemagne's descendants

Warren Scott Williams

For the earlier generation see the Lineage of McKim
19. William de Bohun, born 1312, and died September 16, 1360.  Married Elizabeth de Badlesmere 1335, daughter of Bartholomew de Badlesmere and Margaret de Clare.

20. Elizabeth de Bohun , born 1350, and died April 03, 1385.  Married Richard FitzAlanII, son of Richard Fitzalan and Eleanor Aru.

21. Elizabeth FitzAlan. Married Sir Robert Goushill, son of Nicholas Goushill.

22. Elizabeth Goushill.  Married Sir Robert Wingfield, son of Robert Wingfield and Elizabeth Russell.
[His 5th Great grandmother Margeret Bigod was his wife's 6th Great Grandfather's Hugh Bigod sister.]

23. Sir Henry Wingfield, born 1440, and died May 06, 1494, was eated at Orford, in Suffolk.  Married 2) Elizabeth Rokes, daughter of Sir Thomas Rokes.

24. Robert Wingfield, of Upton, in the parish of Castre, Northants, which manor he received by grant from the Crown 1547, born 1491, and died February 02, 1575/76.  Married Margery Quarles, daughter of John Quarles and Amy Plumsted.

25. Robert Wingfield, of Upton, born 1532, and died March 31, 1580.  Married Elizabeth Cecil, daughter of Richard Cecil and Jane Heckington.

26. Dorothy Wingfield, born 1565, and died November 07, 1619.  Married Adam Claypoole September 30, 1586, son of Sir Claypoole and Joan Henson.

27. Sir John Claypoole, born April 13, 1595, and died April 10, 1660.  Married Mary Angell, daughter of William Angell and Joanne Povey.

28. Norton Claypoole, born October 16, 1640 in London, England, and died July 01, 1688 in Whorekill, Lewistown, DE.  Married Rachel (Slave) 1670.

29. Elizabeth Claypoole, born 1687 in Delaware.  Married William Pettyjohn, son of John Pettyjohn and Sara Long.

30. Esther Pettyjohn, born 1720, and died 1803.  Married Absalom Little, son of Athony Littell and Mary Ladner.

31. Deborah Little, born 1750 in Delaware, and died 1830 in Ohio.  Married John Pettyjohn 1775, son of John Pettyjohn and unknown (slave).

32. Richard Pettyjohn, born 1778.  Married Mary Pettyjohn, daughter of William Pettyjohn and Constance Little.

33. Esther Pettyjohn, born 1810 in Ohio, and died 1890 in Washington.  Married Carter Peyton Williams May 17, 1831 in Brown County Ohio, son of Jesse Williams.

34. Jesse Marion Williams, bornFebruary 19, 1832 in Brown County,Ohio, and died January 01, 1911 in Glencoe,Minnesota.  Married Nancy Miller October 21, 1865 in Glencoe,Minnesota, daughter of John Miller and Rachel Howard.

35. Charles Williams, born July 20, 1866 in Hutchinson, Minnesota, and died September 22, 1913 in Minnesota.  Married Agnes May Carman August 20, 1892 in Roseau, Minnesota, daughter of Nathan Carman and Mary Andrus.
Charles Williams and Agnes May Carman have common ancestors , Roger Bigod and Ida Plantagenet Countess Of Norfolk

36. Annete Williams, born August 26, 1893 in Roseau, Minnesota, and died March 05, 1982 in San Diego California.  Married Johnny Leo Williams February 23, 1918 in Minneopolis Minnesota, son of John Jr. and Mary Andersen.

37. Warren Ellery Williams, born January 12, 1925 in Bemiji  Minnesota.  Married Cecelia Maria Bordeaux April 12, 1947 in Minneopolis Minnesota, daughter of Israel Bordeaux and Elvira Moneut.

38. Warren Scott Williams, born May 31, 1951 in Pasadena California.  Married Priscilla Irene Lopez April 05, 1974 in San Diego California, daughter of Evaristo Jr. and Delores Zamora.
Rachell Lynn Williams, born November 15, 1966.
Priscilla Jane Williams, born September 28, 1974.
Nathan Scott Williams, born February 25, 1981.
Cambria Alexis Williams, born June 25, 1982.

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